Price : $24.99
Brand : Uni-Mag

Uni-MAG 2nd Generation Magnetic Building Blocks, 61 Pieces Set Kids Magnet Construction Toy for Kids, Educational Magnetic Building Tiles, 2D & 3D Building Tiles Construction Playboards, Stacking Toys

(1) All magnetic building blocks are regular sized, not mini sized. It is tested and proven that regular sized blocks may draw more attention from kids and therefore are more effective to support brain development. (2) Uni-MAG blocks develop kids’ infinite potentialities including self-cognition, nature exploration, linguistic development, mathematical logic, visual-spatial ability, body kinematics, interpersonal communication, and auditory sense. (3) High quality materials provide super strong connectivity and worry free protection. (4) Toray’s raw materials guarantee safety and durability. (5) Multiple polishing processes and all first time ground materials provide super smooth and bright shiny surface. (6) Numerous combinations of blocks provide unlimited fun to both children and adults.


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