Price : $120.99
Brand : Tauki

Tauki 16 Inch Kid Bike BMX Bike with Removable Training Wheels, Boy’s Bike, Girl’s Bike, Kid’s Gift, Black, for 4-8 Years Old

Tauki Twister 16 inch Kid Bike
The Tauki Twister Series Kids Bike will teach your child to ride and glide in style. The bike features a sturdy, freestyle frame and an enclosed chain cover for maximum safety. And it comes with removable training wheels and a hot red, orange and black flame design. Hit the streets and enjoy the fun of riding with the Tauki Kid bicycle.

Color: Black
Weight: 23.15 pounds
Frame: Durable welded high grade steel
Tire: Rubber; 16 inches
Wheel Type: Air Inflated Tire
Weight Capacity: 110.23 pounds
Adjustable seat: 21.65 to 25.98 inches
Adjustable seat to pedal:21.46 inches
Adjustable Handlebars:29.53 to 30.71 inches
Recommend for kids from 4 to 8 years old. 34 inches to 42 inches height.
Limited assembly required.Free tools included.

The most important feature in buying your child a bike is that it fits.
How to get started?

First, Measure your child’s inseam.

With shoes on, measure in inches of the inseam. You can usually choose a bike from this number or longer. Most people are off by at least 1/2 inch (too short) as it is hard to measure exact. So using this number or higher for a starting seat range is pretty safe.
Second, check the data above and make sure if the bike suitable for your child.
The Handlebar and seat post can be adjustable, so your child can enjoy the bike from 4 to 8 years old. 16 inch is the best size bike for kids and high cost-effective choice for parents.

Safety Considerations
Assembly:Please read the instruction especially the notice on it before assemble the bike.Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Helmet: Your child’s noggin should always be protected with a child’s bike helmet when he or she is riding a bike.


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