Price : $25.00
Brand : Super Tower Set Marble Run

Super Tower Set Marble Run Game – 105 Pieces Including Translucent Tubes with 30 Glass Marbles

Super Tower Set Marble Run Game – The Educational Game That Offers Unlimited Fun

Are you looking for something your children will enjoy playing with for more than a day, like many toys and games?

Something that will stimulate their creativity while helping them learn vital life skills?

Something your whole family can do together?

Our Super Tower Set Marble Run Game meets all of those needs – and more.

What’s Included

Each set comprises:

♦ 105 plastic pieces, some multi-colored, some translucent, including eight base pieces and a variety of action pieces (e.g. valves to control the marbles, paddle wheels)

♦ 30 glass marbles (each of which is 0.47 in, or 1.2 cm, in diameter, although the tubes are large enough to allow for marbles of 5/8 in, or 1.59 cm, if you want to use different ones)

Easy To Assemble

The plastic pieces are sturdy but easy to put together by anyone, young (aged three and above) or old, whether you’re constructing a simple layout or a more complex one.

Makes Learning Fun

Your children may not realize it, but the more they play with this marble run, watching the marbles fall through the translucent tubes, the more they’ll learn:

♦ problem solving and reasoning skills

♦ fine motor control

♦ basic physics and STEM concepts

And, most importantly, creativity. As the great Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

By letting your children ask, “What would happen if I create this design?” and then building it, they’ll be able to see the connection between cause and effect – a vital component of critical thinking skills that will stand them in good stead for a lifetime and give them a competitive advantage over less fortunate kids.

Get Your Super Tower Set Marble Run Game Today And Let The Fun Begin


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