Price : $91.01
Brand : Schwinn

Schwinn Boys Piston Bicycle, 16″ Wheel, Red

Help your child learn to ride with the 16″ Schwinn Piston kids sidewalk bike! This rad little ride has a sweet look, thanks to the laser-printed seat, gnarly full coverage chain guard and a handlebar number plate. The Piston features all new Schwinn Smart Start geometry, a complete redesign of bike geometry that matches a kid’s body type to create a more comfortable, ideal riding position. This includes a lighter bike frame for added control, smaller grip handles to match smaller hands, and a more narrow pedal position to match narrow kid hips! Other kids bikes are just shrunken down versions of adult bikes, so typically the grips are too large, the pedals too wide, and the seats are too big. Combine the great riding experience with the Schwinn limited lifetime warranty (for as long as you own the bike), and the Piston is a parent and child favorite. You probably learned how to ride on a Schwinn all those years ago. Now it’s time your child does too.


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