Price : $29.99
Brand : RIKKO

Rainbow Snow Flakes 300 Discs | STEM Educational Brain Building Toy | Interlocking Plastic Construction Connect Set | Promotes Fine Motor Skills Development – Therapy Tools

Discover a toy that helps with your child’s development!
Yes! At last a toy that is entertaining and educational!

Children love being inspired to think outside the box, using creativity and imagination to solve problems or create solutions. That’s why Rainbow Flakes are the perfect engineering toy to give them the power to build, learn, and explore new ideas and concepts in a variety of a new ways.

Offering 300 flexible, vibrantly-colored pieces, Easy snap-together, the Rainbow Flakes make sharing and building a fun task for one or multiple children at the same time.

Children are becoming lazy and idle sitting in front of electronic devices for hours. You can help your child fight this using RAINBOW FLAKES as it challenges them and allows them to build buildings, helicopters, robots, flower, animal figures and much more!

Children get bored easily by playing with the same toys only after a few times. RAINBOW FLAKES provides hours of entertainment.

Are you looking for the perfect gift that your special little Engineer will love to play with time and time again? Our RAINBOW FLAKES is the perfect gift for any occasion.


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