Price : $129.00
Brand : PUBLIC Bikes

PUBLIC Bikes Kids Mini V Balance Bike, Green

PUBLIC Mini kids balance bikes feature a smart, pedal-free push bike design that makes learning to ride a bike easy and fun. Made with real bike components and classic PUBLIC design. Offered in both step-through and diamond frame styles for kids ages 3 and up. We designed our PUBLIC Mini V kids’ balance bike to be the first bike for the next generation of urban citizens. Our balance bike design is a smart way to get kids started on bikes, that’s much more intuitive for little ones than the rattling training wheels we grew up with. “Less is more” is our design ethos, and by eliminating the pedals and chain, kids can use their natural instincts to balance with their feet and easily scoot around without fear of falling. Since we used standard bike components like a classic steel frame and comfy inflated tires, the PUBLIC Mini V can zip around just as smoothly as a pedal bike does. Kids love them, they look great, and they’re tons of fun. Just like you’d expect on PUBLIC bike, the PUBLIC Mini V allows for a wide range of seat and handlebar height adjustments to grow with kids and share with friends starting from age 3. It’s available in two frame styles and four colors for boys and girls alike: the PUBLIC Mini V has a sloping diamond frame and the PUBLIC Mini C features a step-through frame with mini Dutch bike style. Both include a matching color bell for polite passing in the playground.


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