Price : $23.99
Brand : Tevelo

ONE DAY SALE!!! BIG Marble Run Coaster Maze Toy 115 Pieces Building Set: 82 Blocks + 33 Safe Plastic Marbles. 250” Long Marble Tracks. STEM Learning Games for Toddlers. Kids Building Kits.

Tevelo Deluxe Marble Run is an educational toy that boosts your child’s creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Your child can build an infinite variety of simple or complex marble runs using our colourful curves, ramps and chute pieces. Watch your child’s eyes light up with excitement, when the marbles race and spin down exciting tracks they have build themselves.

The Deluxe Marble Run has a special transparent feature – this lets your child see the marble as it rolls down the marble run coaster they have made. By watching the marble roll, your child can adjust the design to change marble roll speed. This allows for many engineering explorations

The Deluxe Marble Run has some special pieces like spinning wheels, bumpy ramps, twists and S-bends. These pieces make the marble spin and move in tricky ways. Your child can explore gravity, rotation, projectile motion and other advanced physics principles through fun play! This boosts brain development and ensures academic success.

Children from 3-10 years of age can enjoy Tevelo Deluxe Marble Run. Your children can play with this toy in newer and newer ways as they grow. It is a perfect family toy for mixed age siblings and for play dates.

Tevelo Marble Run lets you educate through guided play. For example – you can give your child some marble run challenges like –
* create a track for marbles to reach the bottom in 2 seconds
* create a marble run with 3 twists
* create a marble run which is 15 cm tall

Thus you can boost your child’s maths and science skills while you spend quality fun time together!


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