Price : $14.99
Brand : dayshopping

Marble Run Starter Set 105 Pieces Made of Quality Child-Safe Plastic

Connect colorful tubes, chutes and bases together in different ways to create an infinite number of raceway configurations. As the marbles speed through the course, children learn about the laws of gravity, object permanence and cause and effect. Colors may vary. Marble run set creates highly engaging learning toys, books, games and music that help parents and others teach learning skills through play. Play.
 Marble Run ignites the imagination and interest of children as they learn and grow through play each day. Inspire.
 Marble Run inspires learning! Our products not only inspire children to learn, they inspire parents and educators to teach and learn.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles
Restless kids have a way of throwing you off the rocker, but we’ve got a wonderful toy that will keep them occupied for hours on end.Packing 105 colorful pieces, it’ll excite your youngsters even before they’ve ever tried assembling it. It is suited for ages 3 years and up, and features a snap-together design thatencourages children to use their hands, which improves dexterity.

They’ll be inclined to settle down.
While dropping your child in front of a TV screen does little for their brain, giving them marble run set presents mental exercises that make your kids smarter.Countless studieshave shown that presenting basic construction and engineering concepts to youngchildren helps stimulate creativity and reasoning from an early age. As they play, they sharpen their skills and build impressive-looking structures. Most of all, the correct anglesof inclination are what make the marble run work properly. Consider this your child’s firstclass in design and structural integrity, with functional gratification built right in.

A Toy That’s a Clear Winner
The most fun is at the finish line. Once they’ve completed the construction, they’ll get akick out of dropping the included marbles onto the starting pad and watching as theballs run their course.


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