Price : $97.30
Brand : Splinter Woodworking Co

Giant Tumble Tower (60 Blocks) With 2-in-1 Storage Crate / Game Table | Stacks Up To 5ft During Gameplay | Wedding Guestbook Alternative | Jumbo Wood Stacking Game | Carrying Case | Indoor & Outdoor

Handcrafted oversized version of the classic table game. This tumble tower set is cut, finely sanded, and precision planed for an ultra smooth finish. The blocks slide out with ease the tower stands at 2 feet tall when first built, and can build up to 5 feet comes with 60 blocks and rules on how to play. The durable crate is custom built to fit the exact size of the blocks. A much more appealing alternative to bags or cardboard boxes, which will rip and tear through repeated use. Crate can be flipped over to use as a game table so you can play anywhere you go. Take it to the beach, camping, or on vacation. It also adds an addition 8 inches to the game height this giant game will bring giant smiles to all who play it. Perfect size for families and adults. How tall can you build it?.


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