Price : $49.99
Brand : FASCOL

Fascol Luxury No-Pedal Kids Balance Bike/Bicycle for 1, 2, 3, 4 Year Old Girls – Red

1.Soft & comfortable handle bar: Pillowy & smooth eco friendly rubber applied, no harm to the tender hands of the baby, making the grabbing action more comfortable.
2. Longer life and higher load aquired by using high-carbon frame of the bike.
3. Comfy saddle: Manufactured according to the baby growing principle, made of PP original material with high breathability and safety.
4. Anti slip eco friendly quite tire. Using latest high tech original material ,soft and highly elastic, suitable to all road conditions.
5. Broadened silent back wheel: Super large tire design. Quite and anti-slip design protects the baby’s feet and the floor effectively.
6.”Pre-balance” bike – begin your Toddler’s cycling adventure as soon as they can walk proficiently (around 12 months)
7.Super lightweight:Indoor and outdoor use so learnt without pressure or frustration at Toddler’s own pace

1x Kids bike


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