Price : $17.99
Brand : Balance Belt

Balance Belt – The Training Wheels Eliminator!

The Balance Belt is a revolutionary new product that gets your child off training wheels in just minutes!! It works by eliminating your child’s fear of falling, thereby enabling the child to learn to balance a bike and get off those training wheels super fast and with ease. Children love this product because it makes learning feel safe and is so easy! The Balance Belt works faster and is less expensive than all known competing products! It comes with easy to follow instructions and is guaranteed to get your child off training wheels or your money back! It gets rid of that fear of falling that keeps the child from getting off the training wheels. How was the Balance Belt invented? The inventor of the Balance Belt was trying to teach his daughter how to graduate from training wheels, and typical bike training was not working. Practicing was really scary for his daughter and this fear of falling made learning to ride without training wheels very difficult. Thus, the Balance Belt was born and worked almost instantly! What is Balance Belt and why do you need it? The Balance Belt is the best product on the market to get your child off training wheels. It is less expensive and works better than competing products. Balance Bicycles are expensive and don’t really work for children who are already biking on training wheels (children want to keep pedaling and balance bikes don’t have pedals!). Other products such as support handles are more expensive and don’t allow the child to quickly learn balance (you have to let go of the handle and there is that same fear of falling). The Balance Belt makes it fun for the child and eliminates the fear of falling while the child learns to balance because the support is constantly there to the extent the child needs it. With the Balance Belt, you actually feel the child need less and less help as they ride, and you can almost instantly see/feel when they can balance all on their own!


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