16 inch Wheel Unicycle Yellow


16″ wheel (16″ x 1.75″ Tire)
Rational designed according to somatology and movement features
Cotterless steel crank
Excellent manganese steel wheel bearing and frame
Extra Thick Alloy Aluminum Rim
Smooth riding wheel bearing
Large saddle in unique design for extra comfort & safety
Removable poly-nylon guarded rails on the seat
Quick release alloy aluminum lock for height adjustment
Steel fork with powder coated finish
Full-sized nylon pedals with chromoly spindles
Excelletn skid proof bulged-pattern on Outer Tire and butyl
Leakage Protection Inner Tire
Great for both novices and professionals, men and women
Rather room saving, just leave it in the corner
No manual included but item is easy to assemble.
Eye-catching bright yellow in color(other sizes & colors also available)

Package Included:

1 x 16″ Wheel Unicycle


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